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Single Estate Kona Peaberry
Whole Bean, Medium Roast
Process: Washed, Sun-dried
Region: Kona, HI

Net wt. 8 oz (227 g)


Tasting notes from the roast: 
Bright and lively with a lemon zest acidity, full-bodied complexity with deeper berry notes and tropical fruit. Exciting hints of lime and dried herb that is also consistent throughout. 


About our process:
In a microclimate like no other, our Kona coffee cherries grow on the volcanic slopes of Hualalai at around 1,800 ft. in elevation. Using natural fertilizers we care for our coffee trees without the use of harsh chemicals or toxic sprays.


At harvest, we hand-pick each and every bright red cherry and process using the wet method. After we pulp the coffee fruit, we soak the beans, wash them, and rake them out to dry.


We rake each batch by hand three times a day for two to three weeks to ensure consistent drying under Kona's warm morning sun. 


What is Kona Peaberry?

Peaberry coffee beans are estimated to make up only around 5-10% of a harvest. Because of their distinct shape, they are usually sorted and separated during the post-harvest process and roast separately from their regular coffee counterpart.

They're believed superior because this seed doesn’t share nutrients with another. This occurrence of peaberry is said to be a natural source of increased flavor and complexity. 


100% KONA Coffee: We grow, pick, and (with the help of our neighbors) process our coffee from our family farm in Holualoa, Hawaii. We ship our green, whole-bean Kona coffee directly to our ohana in Chicago, where we roast it fresh in small batches for the mainland.


Because of the rare nature of Kona Peaberry and the small size of our SL34 lot, these roasts are not available for monthly subscriptions.

100% Kona PEABERRY