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Stay Inspired: In Pursuit of Sustainability, We Celebrate Spring

Coffee trees bloom under drizzling rain on a kona coffee farm
Rain on Kona snow, Ulu Coffee farm, 2021

Growth, renewal, fertility: These are just a few words that come to mind in celebration of the spring season—nuances of its arrival offer spurts of sunlight. And cold, dewy mornings that coincide with the smell of something warm and prosperous in the air. The changing season offers fleeting moments to capture and a chance to embrace the spiritual healing effects of Mother Nature. Yes, spring is a time to celebrate.

It seems like yesterday we wrote about The Star of Bethlehem. December's issue of Stay Inspired couldn’t predict a rivaling sequel to that celestial wonder. But the wrath of Pele, goddess of fire and volcanoes had another agenda, for Kilauea's eruption was a winter solstice event nobody saw coming. Like a spring equinox—it was an earthly explosion. And for many, it brought hope and a sense of renewal to the Big Island.

Today, we marvel at more than 900 acres of new land that's grown in the aftermath of the volcano's destruction from the last couple of years. Lava, rich in magnesium, potassium, sodium, silica, and iron, contributes to Hawaii's diverse ecosystems with a nutrient transformation. Volcanic rock withers into mineral-rich soils, healing the land and fortifying its fertility of life for future generations.

So it is with spring, we celebrate those ecosystems. From lowland rain forests to alpine lakes, stream systems, coral reefs, and lava tube communities, we remember why it is only necessary to protect, conserve, and continue our pursuit of no-holds-barred sustainable coffee farming. With every farming decision, it's the betterment of Mother Earth, our 'āina, that is behind every intention.

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