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Master Your Cup: The French Press

The French Press! This is a super easy way to brew a robust and delicious cup of coffee to enjoy yourself or share with friends. but It’s all about the details to get it just right. Here is our favorite method with a few pro tips in there:

What you'll need:

  • 8 cup French Press brewer

  • 56g (8 Tablespoons) of fresh coffee

  • Grinder

  • Hot water just off the boil (about 205°F)

  • Wooden spoon or coffee paddle

  • Scale

  • Timer

  • Mug(s)

Total Time: 4:00 Minutes

Warm Up Your Press:

Fill your press with hot water, this ensures a consistent temperature from start to finish and helps get the best extraction.

The Grind:

Grab your bag of ULU whole bean coffee, measure out 56 grams (about 8 tbsps) of beans and grind it to breadcrumb consistency. We suggest doing it right before brew. The fresher the grind, the better the extraction.

A burr grinder is a great option if you don’t already have your go-to tool yet. It produces a more consistent particle size, and gives you a fuller bodied cup of coffee.


Pour out the water keeping your press warm and replace with the freshly ground coffee. Take your water, fresh off the boil (203 - 205°F), start your timer, and fill to about halfway. Make sure all of your grounds are saturated and that there are no wet spots. At 1:00 minute, grab your wooden spoon/paddle to stir and break up the crust.

Continue Pouring

The remaining water off the boil until all 8 cups fill the press. Put your lid on but DO NOT press down.

Press Down & Enjoy!

at 4:00 minutes. Pour all coffee into a carafe to avoid over extraction. The longer the coffee sits, the more bitter it becomes. Enjoy black or with your favorite creamers. Partner with a delicious smoothie bowl (recipe here) and share with a friend.


* Adjust time, grind size, water, etc until you find your perfect cup of coffee!

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